The group

Trading House was founded in 1991 by Peter Hunt, the current owner and CEO. The original operation consisted of trade in raw materials such as polyester fiber and fabrics for home textile purposes. In 1995 the first stake in AS Wendre was acquired, an Estonian home textile manufacturer of quilted products, pillows, mattresses, garden furniture cushions, etc. Wendre became the first company in the group with manufacturing operations.

In addition to its wholly owned subsidiary in Estonia, the Group expanded further during 2002 and 2003 through the acquisition of the Swedish companies Björn Sellén AB, Bema Quilting AB and Bema Bedline AB. Björn Sellén AB later merged with Bema Bedline to form Bema Norden. In January 2008, the two sister companies, Bema Norden and Bema Quilting were merged under the corporate name Wendre Scandinavia AB.

In 2005 the group started its own production facility in Wuxi, China. Here, different types of quilted products, high specification cushions and covers and various down filled items are produced. In the same year a new manufacturing unit of approximately 30 000 m2 was completed in Pärnu, Estonia, mainly for the manufacture of duvets and pillows.
In 2006, through its subsidiary AS Wendre, the group acquired a modern production facility of approximately 20 000 m2 in Kostrzyn, Poland. Here, production is focused on filled bedding products.

In 2008, the group acquired the Swedish company Stram AB along with its production facilities for guest beds based in Latvia. The production was later moved from Latvia to Estonia. In 2014 Stram AB was merged with Estonian bed producer Tarmel Furniture AS with production facilities in Tallinn.

In 2014, the group acquired the Finnish company Finlayson’s which has two production units in Finland and a smaller one in Russia. The Finnish company operated under the name Familon OY and now under the name Wendre Finland OY.

In addition to our interests in bedding products and home textiles, Trading House has, since the end of 2005, been involved in a golf course project, acquired in Pärnu, Estonia. Pärnu Bay Resort & Spa is an 18-hole golf course, which opened for play in the autumn of 2015. Within a near future a resort hotel and golf villas will also exist.

In 2013 Saare Golf on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia was acquired. An 18-hole golf course of the highest quality including a clubhouse with associated facilities.

The Group has for over two decades shown a sustained profitability and has a strong financial position.